All of New England is celebrating the Patriots return to the Super Bowl. As the Pats prepare to battle it out for their sixth Lombardi Trophy, many of us are looking for the perfect half-time snack. Because let's be honest...the food is almost as important as the game. And if you're not really into the game or the commercials...then food is the reason to put up with all of those loud obnoxious people screaming and yelling at the refs.

If you've ever been to a party during the game then you know the food can be pretty similar. There's always pizza, wings, and buffalo chicken dip. Maybe a lame veggie tray. And everyone claims their chili is the best. Especially in New Hampshire.

According to General Mills...chili is the most popular food search leading up to the big game. In Maine, it's clam dip. Massachusetts residents are searching for the a great buffalo chicken dip. While Vermont is getting a little high brow, as they seek out recipes for bruschetta.

Maybe this is the year American's really outdo themselves, and prepare something amazing. General Mills just put out this map showing what each state has been searching the internet for.

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