The last time I checked on Travelocity to book a hotel I didn't notice an icon or see any reviews telling me whether or not the place was haunted. I suppose if they did, it would be a one to five ghost rating. But if you're looking for a hotel in Maine, you may want to inquire if the place is haunted or not...because a lot of them are.

According to the website, if you're into warm and welcoming spirits...then you should check out the Captain Fairfield Inn in Kennebunkport...the most haunted hotel in Maine.

The website claims James Fairfield was gifted a plot of land in Kennebunkport in the early 1800's after marrying Louis Walker. The young couple decided to build a home in 1813...which is now what is known as the Captain Fairfield Inn.

Fairfield, a ship captain, and according to the website, a good- looking, self-assured man...was frequently at sea for long lengths of time. So to insure his wife wasn't lonely, he invited his sister and her husband to live in the home as well. Which was a great idea. The two women had one another to share the long stretch's without their husbands since both were men of the sea.

Sadly, after just five years in the home, Fairfield developed pneumonia and died. The home eventually was sold, but remained a private residence until 1991. At that time it became a bed and breakfast. And since then there have been countless sightings of the Captain around the inn. says one of the earliest encounters took place while the inn was being renovated. "A ghostly apparition," appearing to be James Fairfield was seen in the basement floating in a dark corner.

I suppose if there's any good news about running into a ghost while sleeping over in a hotel, it's that it's nice. The website claims everyone who has reported encountering the ghost of Captain James Fairfield’s say he's a very warm and friendly presence.

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