It's time to start making plans for summer vacation. While most people I know plan trips to Disney World, the Outer Banks, or some exotic local...there are so many amazing things to see and do right here in New England. Especially in New Hampshire and Maine.

An article in the New York Post says one out of four Americans haven't visited all of the iconic landmarks in their own city. Yet we'll pack our bags, load up the car, or shove everyone into coach on a red-eye flight out of town to see someone else's cool spots. Well, this summer I'm all for staying close to home and discovering some of the most spectacular sights in New Hampshire and Maine.

So what's the place everyone should see at least once in New Hampshire and Maine? Mt. Washington was the top vote getter.

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At 6,288 feet Mt. Washington State Park sits on the summit of the Northeast's highest point. On a clear day, you can see as far as 130 miles to Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Quebec, and the Atlantic Ocean.

If you go be sure to take along your camera. And be sure to get one of those This Car Climbed Mt. Washington bumper stickers.

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Nubble Light was a close second. According to the website,, President Rutherford B. Hayes "appropriated the sum of $15,000 in 1874 to build the lighthouse on this “Nub” of land.   On July 1, 1879 construction was completed on what, at the time, was known as the  Knubble Lighthouse with a 4th order light began to protect our men and women on the sea. The men and women serving in the Lighthouse Service were the first guardians who provided great care for the light and its surrounding buildings."

Located in York, Maine, the area has a variety of lodging options, great restaurants, and beautiful beaches.

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Another popular choice is one of my favorites; Acadia National Park. Located in Bar Harbor, ME, it is a bit of a drive...but in my opinion, it's well worth the effort. While I've only been once, many years ago, Acadia is at the top of my bucket list to re-visit.

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Honorable mention goes to Moosehead Lake, Moxie Falls, and Santa's Village.

No matter if you do a full-on vacation around New England, take a long weekend, or just do a day trip...get out and enjoy everything the natural beauty of New Hampshire and Maine have to offer. We are truly blessed to live in one of the most amazing parts of the United States. Don't be that one person out of four that's never explored their own community. And if you have a spot you think I would enjoy visiting this summer...send me a Facebook message. I'm always ready for a new adventure.