New England sunsets are by far some of the best in the world.  Ok, I may be a little biased, but how many white sand, pink sky, and blue water sunsets can you take a photo of?

When I think of sunsets, my head immediately goes to Hawaii, Key West, or any island in the Caribbean.

Why has this been ingrained in our heads?  It's simply not true that the best sunsets are south of New England.

Did you catch the many pink skies at night over last year's winter months?  There were plenty of blazing pink and blue hues, looking like masterpieces in the heavens.  These were only a precursor to the magnificent sunset skies we saw this summer.

frank mckenna for
frank mckenna for

This made me think about New England, and all the beautiful sunsets we have year-round.

Summer evenings are made for watching the bright yellow sun slowly lower over the blue water and disappear all ablaze.  Orange autumn sunsets play off the multi-colored leaves as a change in the wind reminds us that winter is not far away.  Winter sunsets are always bright pink and blue, a pleasant surprise in the colder months. And then there are spring sunsets, the pre-cursor to summer, with yellow, blue, and white sunsets warming up the horizon.

I'll take four seasons of sunsets any day, rather than the same gold sun sinking into the ocean on a typical island anywhere in the world.

Enjoy these photos, and remember that you'll rarely see a lighthouse or sea smoke in a Caribbean sunset.

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