I know what you're thinking, hey you're on a diet. What are you doing thinking about ice cream? Well, the truth is...it's not just ice cream. It's Ben & Jerry's ice cream! And at this point I'm only thinking about it. The time may come when I go pick up a pint, hold it in my hands, and contemplate sitting on my couch and eating the entire thing in one sitting. But at this point...I'm only thinking about it.


According to delish.com, the new flavor is called Glampfire Trail Mix. It's chocolate ice cream, marshmallows swirls, crunchy pretzel swirls and fudge covered almonds. And the only place you can get it is Target.

Ben & Jerry's website describes the new flavor as "uber-chocolatey, nutty, marshmallowed-&-pretzeled." Mmmmmm that sounds really good. It may be time to stop just thinking about it...and actually have a bowl.


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