(Dover, NH) - And it's why you should be at the Hops & Hounds event at the Raitt Homestead Farm in Eliot, Maine next month!

Ella                                                               Don Briand photos

5 years ago at this time, I was in a bad way. In a span of 5 months, we had lost two of our beloved dogs. Molly and Mack had each been with us for 14 years and their passing left a void in my life.

I didn't think I wanted another dog, but my wife and daughter were smart enough to know that I needed to fill that void.  5 years ago today, Ella came to her forever home.

12 week old Ella (at that time her name was Nickie) had been transported from Memphis, Tennessee to Connecticut by Companion Pet Rescue. Who could not fall in love with that face?

Chris D'Amore photo

Today, Ella is a 90-pound bundle of love. The most gentle, sensitive, intelligent and loyal dog ever born (at least in my estimation). She and her Lhasa Apso sister Maddie are as close as two dogs could be.

Don Briand photo

Maddie came to us 9 years ago from the Cochecho Valley Humane Society. They, and other animal adoption agencies will be at Hops & Hounds on June 17th.  Check them out.  Your Ella and Maddie may be waiting for you!