One particularly hot July day in the late 1970's, my sister and I got the idea to set up a lemonade stand at the end of our driveway. By our estimation people near and far would drive right to Lincoln Street, and shell out seventy-five cents for a Dixie cup full of
fresh-squeezed lemonade made by my mom. In reality, we each made seventy-five cents...and drank a lot of our own product.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

So now days when I see a kid with a lemonade stand I think, "The poor kid. He's going to be going to the bathroom all day." Well I should say that's how I used to feel until I saw this story.

A 6 year-old kid set up a lemonade and donut stand for police officers. He got 120 doughnuts and had lemonade and water for them. And when cops heard, about 100 officers dropped by. His mom says they loved it. The boy was in heaven just being able to talk to all the officers because he really thinks he's part of a police team. He won't  play with any superhero stuff. He said, I don't need Batman, Spider-Man or Superman. I just need these guys.


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