Have you seen the açaí bowl on a menu before and you've been too afraid to order it because you don't fully understand what it is nor how to pronounce it? I've been there, my friend! After a quick check with my friend Google I learned that the acai bowl originated in Brazil. It is commonly topped with granola and banana mixed in with other fruits and a guaraná syrup. And if you are scared you are pronouncing it wrong like I was for three years (at least), it is said like "ah-sah-EE".

O'Shea's Caife & Tae in Londonderry knows what they are doing in the açaí bowl department. There's has fresh strawberries, blueberries, granola, and even some shaved coconut! It is absolutely perfect for those Summer days where its too darn hot and you aren't sure what to eat. It's filling, refreshing and has antioxidants up the yin yang! If Londonderry isn't all that convenient for you, O'Shea's also has locations in Windham, Bedford, Hooksett, Derry, and Manchester.

I have also tried the smoothie bowl at The Juicery in Portsmouth and that also made my heart sing. Where is your favorite place to grab an Acai bowl or smoothie bowl?

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