This might have something to do with the fact that I am up at 4 am every morning but I LOVE COFFEE. I need it every single day even on the weekends. Sometimes one cup just isn't enough.

I was very curious to see the results that WalletHub gathered in terms of which U.S cities had the best local coffee scenes. They measured data like how many coffee houses per capita to the average price per pack of coffee.

The Top 10 Cities for Coffee Lovers: 

1. New York
2. Seattle
3. San Francisco
4. Portland (Oregon)
5. LA
6. D.C
7. Chicago
8. Miami
9. Boston 
10. San Diego 

Nice work, Boston! You made the cut! Before my days in radio I used to lead Coffee Tours on Newbury Street in Boston. Coffee enthusiasts from all over would try different brews from the Wired Puppy, Thinking Cup, Barrington Coffee Company, and more. I would tell them fun facts about each coffee house and tell the same jokes over and over but to different groups of people. It was a great gig!

All this coffee talk is making me want another cup of the good stuff. I think I may have a problem.

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