Beer flights? They are quite common! Bloody Mary flights? It's like seeing a shooting star. They are rare, but they do exist. Now, MAC AND CHEESE FLIGHTS...that is something I have never seen before, until now! To say I am intrigued is an understatement.

Mac and cheese is the king of all comfort foods. Nothing turns a frown upside down faster than a heaping bowl of your favorite shaped pasta drowning in ooey gooey cheese. Throw some fun toppings on that bad boy, and you have yourself a party!

Joseph, aka @the_roamingfoodie on Instagram, highlighted this jazzy new menu item at The Goat. It caused his followers to stop our scrolling dead in its tracks, and instantly start  salivating. To be honest, I can't get this mac and cheese flight out of my head. I have dreams about it.

The flavors they offer are barbecue brisket, truffle bacon, and buffalo chicken. Haters in the comments had something to say about the mac and cheese not being cooked in the skillets. In my opinion, It doesn't make this idea any less delicious or innovative, and I still want each of these skillets in my belly.

We love how The Goat in Manchester, Portsmouth, and Hampton (and soon to be Newburyport!) continue to keep us on our toes with fresh and fun new menu items! But they always keep their signature items around to keep the OG's happy (*cough* adult milkshakes *cough*).

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