The bill is closing in on $32,000, and officials say it needs to be addressed.

According to WMUR News 9, Claremont School Board officials have sent letters to families who owe money, which has not helped in making up the gap. Officials say some parents owe hundreds of dollars. Interim Superintendent Keith Pfeifer says $32,000 is a "significant issue." So much so, the school district is contemplating hiring a collection agency

According to a report by WGME 13, not all will have to pay. The district will forgive those who owe less than $20. Also, they said they will not deny any student lunch.

Some parents disagree with the idea of the district using a collection agency to handle debts. In the WMUR report, resident Annie Cooper said when she heard that the Claremont School District was considering the collection agency to manage its unpaid lunch bills, she started a GoFundMe page to help out. "When you are in financial duress and stress, it's a very complex set of things that make you incapable of even responding to a bill of any magnitude."

WMUR reported Claremont City Councilor Nick Koloski is also trying to rally help by starting a fundraising page on Facebook. The school board plans to discuss the matter at a meeting Sunday.



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