Even though Rihanna is famous and filthy stinkin' rich, she enjoys the simple pleasures in life; like delicious wings for 8 dollars a dozen.

That's why she went to the Pour House on Boylston St. in Boston not once, not twice, but THREE times in two days.

According to Boston.com the General Manager of the restaurant Brian Peters said the pop star came in first on Monday night, then on Tuesday for lunch, and went back yet again on Tuesday night. She knows what she likes!

Brian wouldn't indulge us in the details like what Riri ordered or if she was a generous tipper. He did say that she was very respectful and kind to his staff.

When I lived closer to Boston the Pour House was our hangover spot on Saturdays and Sundays. The no-frills menu is just what you need after a long night out. Plus if you are in need of some "hair of the dog" they've got you covered with their monstrous Bloody Marys. The atmosphere is very low key so I am not surprised that Rihanna was for the most part unbothered during her meal(s).

If you saw a celebrity eating at your favorite restaurant would you go up to them and ask for a pic?

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