Today we got a message on the app from our listener Kelly. It made me smile so I had to share! There are three local dogs that are heading out on Sunday morning to the Dockdogs World Championships in Dubuque, Iowa.

If you are not familiar with Dockdogs, it is the world's premiere canine aquatics competition.

According to their website,  the dogs can compete in four disciplines: Big Air, aka long jump, Extreme Vertical or high jump, Speed Retrieve, (self explanatory, no?) and the Iron Dog Challenge which incorporates all three of the Dockdog competitions in one.

We hosted an event called "Hops and Hounds" in Eliot, Maine, for a few years, and the Dockdog competition was always my favorite part of the day! I had never seen so much athleticism on four legs!

The local teams that are heading to the championships are Kelly Dailey and her dog Shannon from Eliot, Maine, Julie Shepherd and her dog Walter from Nottingham, New Hampshire, and last but not least, Tom Murch and his dog Phlynn from Waterford Flat, Maine.

Due to Covid, it’s been a tough year for DockDog competitors so they are beyond thrilled and excited to be able to go and compete.

Artsy Fartsy Photos
Artsy Fartsy Photos

I wish a hearty good luck to the three local teams and I hope the canine competitors get some extra treats thrown their way after the competition.


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