When I was 16 I spent most of my time walking around the mall with my friends. I wasn't doing anything productive that is for darn sure. This is not the case for this group of teenagers from southern Maine! According to WMTW, Martin (16), Griffin Buckwalter (16), and Wyatt Morse, (17) of Auburn, caught a 700-pound Bluefin tuna earlier this month.

My favorite part about the whole thing  is that they caught this monster aboard a boat called Fat 2na. Fat is an understatement! Not to body shame this fish but it was massive. How big was it you ask? 109 inches from it's nose to it's tail. Also this guy was so strong it pulled the boys more than 10 miles in their boat as they tried to tire it out. It took SEVEN HOURS and was all caught on tape:

They knew the fish was big, but they were most afraid of loosing it. They were trying to reel in a 700 pound fish with a fishing line that was 150-pound test. With the help of Martin's dad they were able to hold on to the tuna and got it back to Portland.


A seafood distribution company in Portland bought the tuna from the boys for $2,000. Even split three ways that is a pretty penny for a teenager!

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