The end of April is finally here. That means your Spring Cleaning should be just about finished. But if you haven't started, here are three tips from Business Insider, to get you on your way.

Break it down into smaller tasks. The idea of cleaning your whole house can be overwhelming...especially if you have a big place or you're cleaning by yourself. The experts suggest you buy the cleaning supplies one day, clean the counters the next day, sweep the floors day after that, and so on until your house is complete.

Set a 10-minute timer. You're basically making a deal with yourself...even if you hate cleaning, or you're really can do it for 10 minutes. The hope is that once you get yourself going you'll be less likely to stop. And if you decide that was too much...well at least you got that much done off your list.

Hire someone to clean. If you really hate cleaning...then maybe it's worth cutting back on other expenses so you can afford to pay someone to do all that stuff. If not...there's a broom and a dustpan in the kitchen closet!

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