Escape rooms are part of my identity at this point. They are one of my favorite activities to do with my wife.

Escape rooms are always a fun day night or night out with friends. However, after doing a few, they all feel similar.

Well, there is an escape room-type quest in New England that has 25 "portals" (escape/ immersive rooms) that holds the crown for the biggest time machine gaming experience in the world, according to the R1 Indoor Karting website.

This is Time Mission in Rhode Island. It is only a 50-minute drive from Boston and an hour and 45 minutes from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

This place is totally worth a day trip.

The location is at R1 Indoor Karting, but forget go-karts when you can tackle 25 escape rooms at once. This place is epic, and like nothing I have ever seen before.

Each portal takes up to five minutes to complete, and it is all teamwork-based. It is a competition to see who can complete the mission first. Completing each room gives you points, with a maximum of 100 points per room.

So you and your friends, family, and team can compete against teams who have been there previously, and those who will be going in the future.

The separate rooms test your hand-eye coordination, physical ability, and certainly your intellect.

Take a look at the Artificial Intelligence room:

You'll have to swing on ropes like Indiana Jones, crawl under lasers, balance on beams, and even rock climb.

But your mental strength will be tested at the same time, with various puzzles in the 25 rooms.

This place looks so cool. I mean, what a fun trip for kids, families, or even a group of friends. This is not only for kids, because I am certainly planning a trip!

The 90-minute Time Mission costs $33 per person, and seems to be worth every penny. Check out Time Mission at R1 Indoor Karts, and maybe I will see you there (good luck trying to beat my score).

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