Seacoastonline is reporting that “Go Topless Day” at Hampton Beach went smoothly this year.

Although it was a bit cold to go topless, many of the women in the Free the Nipple Movement participated this year, the article stated, and the goal of the group’s movement is to not objectify a woman’s breasts any more than a man’s.

Men have nipples and they are not subjected to any ban so why should women?

The law in New Hampshire says it’s okay for the women to go topless but that comes in contrast to some local ordinances.

Three women had their convictions for going topless upheld by the State Supreme Court and the case is going all the way to the United States Supreme Court, according to

According to seacoastonline, “Free the Nipple” is planning an event in Rye, NH, where there is a similar ordinance barring women from going topless.

I don’t know where I fall on this argument.

My wife breastfed all our kids, but she was discreet about it when we were in public.

I don’t see anything wrong with women going topless, but I can understand families with kids that would think the behavior is shocking since it is not commonly practiced.

There was a time in this country when the sight of a woman’s bare ankle was alarming and considered indecent, so possibly a time will come when a woman going topless will be a more common sight.

Until then, I guess we just have to wait for the Supreme Court to decide.

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