On this morning's Big Breakfast, Kira asked if I've ever regretted having tattoos. The answer is no. Each one means something to me.

So when someone tells me they want to get their first tattoo I offer up only one piece of advice: NO NAMES... unless they're your kids, or maybe a memorial piece for a beloved family member or friend. But NO wives, husbands, girlfriends, or boyfriends.

Some people will argue with me by rolling up their sleeve and pointing to their tat, and announcing they got their wife's name inked 20 years ago, and proudly announce they're still together. To which I reply with a heartfelt congratulations, but remind them that's rare in this day and age.

But hey, I'm a romantic guy. So if you're a part of that rare breed, I'd love to see your tattoo and read the story behind it. Feel free to share a picture of your ink, and your story, with me.

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