For most of us, 2020 was not a good year, and we are facing a seriously scaled back Christmas. But not Tom Brady!

According to, Tom took delivery on a custom-built 40-plus foot boat that cost millions. Must be nice.

The boat, named Viva A Vida, is a nod to his wife’s environmental conservation initiative (  one of the goals of the organization is to plant 200,000 trees in the Amazon), TMZ reported.

The boat is a sleek blue futuristic-looking vessel.

Since Tom is midway through his 2-year 50-million-dollar deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I suppose it is in his budget.  (Not to mention all the endorsement money he makes.)

I guess living in Florida he felt he needed the boat to get in some quality relaxing time. As far as his professional life, maybe he bought the boat to compensate for his lack of success on the field.

The Bucs are 7 and 5 so far, which is not too bad. One minute they look like a Super Bowl contender, and the next, not so much.

They can still make the playoffs, but they have to take this break to get better.  I am sure, with his reputation for a competitive nature, the team’s lack of performance must be hurting him.

Even though he left us, I am still pulling for him and would like to see him gain some more success on the field.  This super sleek looking boat probably makes the team's performance a little easier to deal with. says Tom was “smiling ear to ear as the ship was handed over.”

Happy Christmas, Tom.

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