When you ask Patriots coach Bill Belichick to name some of the toughest players he’s watched from the sidelines at Foxboro, you do so knowing the answers: Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and Taylor Swift.

That’s right, singer Taylor Swift. And during his weekly radio appearance, Belichick elaborated too much on his own Swiftiness. The Patriots felt compelled to issue a release confirming that was, in fact, the voice of Bill Belichick talking about the Taylor Swift concert he attended this summer.

Speaking about Swift’s legendary, rain-soaked performance in Foxboro, The Hoodie said:

“That was pretty impressive. She's tough, man. She stood out there and played right through.”

When pressed on whether he is, indeed, a Swiftie, Belichick replied:

"Look, I'm definitely on the, ‘You've Got to Calm Down.' That's pretty good. You've got to calm down. There's a lot of times when that's very appropriate."

It’s likely Belichick applies Swift’s music to many other situations. Like after insisting he and Tom Brady were never ever getting back together, the two buried the axe this past winter, with Brady’s Opening Night ceremonies signaling that deep down, the coach has always felt the GOAT “belonged to me.”

We’ve all seen the press conferences where questions about last week land in a blank space. You lose? You shake it off. And we’ll never forget when he told Randy Moss and Antoino Brown: “I knew you were trouble.”

Belichick should consider himself fortunate, though, given all the Taylor Swift fans who mysteriously can’t even remember her stop at Gillette...

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