Tom Brady is the king of self-control. His body is a temple. The man has never eaten a strawberry because they are too high in sugar. (I KNOW! He's missing out, right?) He's been known to keep it classy over the years when it comes to his social media presence. So it is extra surprising and hilarious that he got into the proverbial grill of a trash talker on Twitter.

As you may know, my knowledge of sports is quite limited. But this is how I understand the situation:

The Madden video game rated each NFL player and those ratings came out on Monday. Tom Brady got a 96 out of 100 which is the second-highest rating for any quarterback. Haters believe that he is undeserving of this rating especially when it comes to his speed. points out the Goat is totally aware that he isn't the fastest cat on the field, he has even poked fun at himself over the years about it.

Madden enthusiasts have been blowing up the internet claiming the ratings for this game are biased. The comment below was the straw that broke the camel's back (or should I say the goat's back) and TB12 decided to respond:

LOL I love this! I feel like it's a fight on the playground between two third graders, "NUH UH, MATT! I'm SO MUCH FASTER THAN YOU!" This Matt guy must feel pretty cool that Tom Brady took the time to talk smack to him on Twitter. I know I would!

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