Meriam-Webster defines doppelganger, as someone who looks like someone else. Or a ghost that looks like a living person. If you have to look like someone else, New England Patriot's QB Tom Brady isn't a bad choice.

So when Nick Lower showed up at Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday looking a lot like TB12...he turned a lot of heads. Had the GOAT grown his beard back on the flight from Boston to Minneapolis? Why was Tom walking around in full pads, mingling among the crowd?

Yahoo Sports says,  Lower was surprised by all the attention. Of course he said that while wearing full pads and game pants. So you have to think he wasn't that surprised.

Take at these two pictures side-by-side. While they may not look exactly the same, I think it's close enough that if the Patriots win on Sunday, this guy can walk into any bar in Minneapolis, and won't have to pay for a drink.

Super Bowl XLVI - Media Day

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
Harry Howe/Getty Images

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