Look Roger Goodell, you fell into a dream job making stupid amounts of money for a league that essentially prints cash despite your incompetence. In Tom Brady, you messed with a man that does nothing but win and it may cost you your job.

Go ahead, appeal and lose again. We understand your arrogance knows no bounds. You tried to pull a sting operation on the Patriots, you messed it up badly, and got caught. You were the one who was generally aware and part of a scheme and despite picking the court for the proceedings, you still lost.

Taking what is, at best/worst, a minor equipment violation-- a which is generally a fine-- and turning it into a witch hunt designed to bring down the most successful organization and player in the league to appease a couple of employees who were spurned by Bill Belichick? Or was it to distract from your negligent treatment of players with concussion issues? Or your lackluster accountability with the culture of domestic violence among a far too large subset of players? Whatever the reason, we know they weren't legitimate.

The fraud who runs the NFL
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You are bad at your job, Roger Goodell, and Judge Berman exposed you and your cronies for what you are. Frauds. I hope you enjoy watching the Patriot's banner ceremony this coming Thursday. Tom Brady beat you because Tom Brady always wins.

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