The man was already making over $100,000 a year, but that apparently wasn't enough.

This is another version of 'what would happen if you worked at the bank?' Back when we were kids, it seems the temptation might be high to take a little off the top when handling so much money. Apparently, some of us didn't grow out of that.

According to the Boston Globe, a man who worked for Massachusetts State Lottery was fired earlier this week. State officials say he was caught cashing winning instant tickets.

David Cannistraro, who was being paid handsomely for his time, to the tune of 100K, allegedly couldn't resist the temptation.

News surfaced earlier this year, and Cannistraro was put on paid administrative leave in June. This, after another lottery employee saw him cashing tickets at a store on Cape Cod, according to Chandra Allard, chief of staff at the state treasury, Boston Globe reported. It is illegal for employees, or their immediate families, to play the lottery, for obvious reasons.

According to a report in the Boston Globe, he may also have been using tickets that were returned to the New Bedford district office but were still active and could be cashed.

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