How AMAZING is this? I mean, let's be real, these two just set the bar on exactly how to CRUSH the neighboring game.

A man named Roland Tufts unfortunately ended up in a position where he started undergoing kidney dialysis treatment and was placed on Maine's kidney transplant list, according to NEWS CENTER Maine. And from what I've heard, it takes a good 4-5 years when you're on the list to get the organ you need (or to even find a match.)

Cue Roland's neighbor in Topsham for 20 years, Sheldon Tepler.

The news station reported that as soon as Sheldon heard about Roland's condition, he showed up on Roland's doorstep. Without even skipping a beat or thinking about it (or even knowing if he was a match for Roland), Sheldon told him he could have his kidney, News Center Maine added.

The best part? After they got tested, they confirmed that Sheldon WAS a match!

The transplant procedure went down, was a success, and because of Sheldon, Roland has a new, longer lease on life. Sheldon told NEWS CENTER Maine that it wasn't even a big deal to him, but it was to Roland and his family.

We SO need more people like Sheldon in this world -- selflessly looking out for neighbors, friends, and family members. I remember back in college, one of the members of Student Life/Recreation that was BELOVED on campus had his first-born son, who was born with a rare cancer. They held a bone marrow drive for him on campus to try and find a match, and the line was out the door and the drive lasted for HOURS.

Admittedly, I used to donate blood pretty often since I'm O-Positive, so I can hook up any of the other Positive blood types (which I'm sure always eventually comes in handy), but I haven't in a few years, starting with New Hampshire having a rule where you have to wait a year after getting a tattoo to donate (yet I would've been fine if I got my tattoo in Maine -- go figure). And after seeing a co-worker's arm get butchered when he donated in Tulsa, I decided I'd take a little break.

But long story short, be more like Sheldon in Topsham. And be neighbors like Sheldon AND Roland -- that's an INCREDIBLE thing. And that's what we're all about in this area.

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