Karen Silvia took to the U local NH page on Facebook to share this amazing photo:

Apparently, Karen tossed out some golden apples in Pittsburg, New Hampshire. Then all of a sudden a deer convention was happening right in her backyard! It was a full on family reunion and Karen was catering. I get excited when I see one deer never mind an entire herd!

A debate began on the thread of this photo. People were bickering whether or not feeding deer apples in the Winter is a good move. Some people claim the deer do not have the enzymes to properly digest the apples. Some guy said that when they eat fermented apples they get a little tipsy. DEER DRUNK! Another person said that it is bad to have the deer become dependent on humans for food.

According to the Bangor Daily News, a stand alone diet of apples for deer in the Winter would not be enough protein or fiber for them to survive. This would make the deer lose weight and they are not watching their figures after the holidays like we are.

The takeaway? Deer are pretty. But don't make a habit of feeding them fruits and vegetables. If you really want to feed them, many agricultural feed stores sell balanced feeds that give deer all the nutrients they need to survive the Winter.

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