Remember when Logan and I went on our tour de Somersworth?

We made a call on Facebook and asked the people of Somersworth who we needed to meet and where we needed to visit in their fine city! Toppers are a proud bunch, and the responses came pouring in. Before we knew it, it was time to hit the streets!

We met Joanne the crossing guard, aka Yia Yia! She has kept the kiddos at Somersworth Middle School safe for decades. She refers to all of the students as "her kids". What a LEGEND!

We met the new Somersworth Police Chief Tim McLin:

And we hung out with everyone's favorite 3rd grade teacher at Maplewood Elementary, Eric Momsen, aka Mr. Somersworth!

Oh, what a visit it was.

So many people suggested we pay Emmett a visit at Teatotaller.

This is Emmett!

We didn't get a chance to swing by, but I have been regretting it ever since. The more I learn about this place, the more I love it.

Teatotaller, according to their Instagram, is a self-proclaimed:

"Queer hipster oasis of tea, coffee + pastry goodness"

They have bubble tea (aka Boba):

Avo Stacks: 

And sometimes live entertainment:

It's about time drag queens had a presence in the Hilltop city! We love to see it!

The vibes and deliciousness that Teatotaller is serving up have been fully embraced by the community! So much so, that they just SPILT THE TEA (oh no she didn't!) about their second location that just opened in Concord, New Hampshire:

The new location is at 2 Capital Plaza, Concord NH and is open Wed-Sun, 8am-5pm (hours subject to change).

Make sure to follow Teatotaller on the gram and Facebook, and visit their new location in the Capitol City! We are wishing a big 'ole congrats to Emmett and the whole Teatotaller team, and wish you continued success!

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