We were going about the morning like any regular Tuesday, until phones all along the seacoast sent people into a temporary panic. A Tsunami alert for coastal New Hampshire.


A test was sent at 8:30. Guess what? It worked! Shortly after the test, according to Justin Arnott, a meteorologist from the NWS's Gray, Maine, office, they received reports that a tsunami warning appeared on 3rd party wx apps. Yikes! So, they quickly fired off this Tweet at 8:47am


Fresh off the false alarm in Hawaii, many residents along the seacoast while relieved, were curious on how the info got out. Justin Arnott told the Union Leader “We're still trying to track down how it made that transition from the weather service to an outside agency's third-party app. It normally doesn't make it to mobile devices. We'll be looking into why that part of it happened.”

However, the upcoming snow storm is still a thing.



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