Finally, some relief from the high cost of college education for some New Hampshire students. WMUR9 is reporting that thanks to some increased appropriation from state lawmakers, University officials say that a tuition freeze is in effect for in-state students at New Hampshire Universities.

Student loan debt has been a hot button political issue in the upcoming presidential election.  It’s nice to see some stress over whether the tuition will raise for the in-state students in New Hampshire be eased off. New Hampshire has some of the highest tuition rates in the country for in-state students, second only to Vermont.

WMUR9 quotes Liz Batchelder, a sophomore at UNH “That makes me feel good that they’re able to keep it lower, but I’d be worried about it being raised in the future.  So, it’s almost like postponing it.” Hopefully, the state is able to fund the tuition freeze in the future years to help students cover the high cost of higher education.



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