It is tulip time in New England.

Seriously, the beautiful flowers that are tulips peak between April and May. Yes, you can get tulips year-round. However, seeing a field of tulips in person is truly something else.

Whether you are into gardening or not, seeing five football fields of peak blooming tulips will leave you speechless, and that is exactly what New England's largest tulip farm has in store this month.

Wicked Tulips Flower Farms has three locations, according to their website: Johnston, Rhode Island, Exeter, Rhode Island, and Preston, Connecticut.

Those farms are the locations for the largest U-pick tulip events in all of New England. Are you curious about how many tulips we are talking about?

1.5 million tulips are planted with a tractor every year. And if you cannot imagine that many tulips in your head, you have to see them in person.

The price to enter the farm and field of tulips is $23 for weekend adults, $20 for weekday adults, and $5 for kids tickets! The best part? The tickets include up to 10 tulips that you pick yourself! And obviously, you are not leaving empty-handed.

If you desire to take more than 10 tulips home, the farm changes an additional $1 per tulip you would like to take.

Of course, the peak blooming is based on the weather, so check out the Wicked Tulip Farms website for the most accurate information. However, according to a Boston uncovered article, these are the projected opening dates:

  • April 5-20: Exeter, Rhode Island
  • April 25- May 10: Johnston, Rhode Island
  • April 25- May 10: Preston, Connecticut

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