Deerfield Republican Representative Jim Spillane is in hot water over a photo he posted to Twitter.

According to, apparently, responding to some animal rights activists, the representative took to Twitter to post a graphic photo of a squirrel he shot on his property.

Squirrel hunting season runs from September 1 to January 1, according to, but the fact that the fuzzy-tailed little guy was shot offseason was not as offensive to the state’s Fish and Game Department as the posting of the gruesome photo to the social media platform in such a taunting way.

According to, when questioned by Fish and Game, Spillane said the squirrel was harassing his chickens, but in the photo, he states he shot the squirrel in his bird feeder.

Defending livestock is one thing but posting the graphic photo in response to animal rights activists really ruffled some feathers.

Spillane will no longer have a spot on the Fish and Game Committee, stated.

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