At least there will be a graduation ceremony for the kids completing their degrees this year at the University of New Hampshire.

The original date was May 15, but that date has been pushed back to May 23, according to

I am happy they are getting a commencement ceremony since last year so many colleges and high schools had to skip them or do them virtually.

I saw a story last year about a girl that had been in the high school band and she had played her instrument at every graduation commencement ceremony for her high school and she was really looking forward to having the band play for her last year, but it was done virtually.

I mean, you work so hard for something it’s hard.  We have all had to grieve the loss of some important activity such as the holidays with loved ones or graduation ceremonies.

According to reporting by, the university president said moving the date will allow the ceremony to be held at Wildcat Stadium on the weekend.

The students really wanted their commencement to be held in Wildcat stadium, so I am glad they found a date in May.  No word on if guests will be invited to attend.  But you can be sure that all COVID-19 safety guidelines will be enforced such as social distancing and mask-wearing.

We are so close to ending this pandemic with the rollout of vaccines and keeping the case numbers down.  Here’s hoping next year’s commencement ceremonies will look more like normal for both University graduations and high schoolers alike.

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