According to kotaku, these bad boys are pretty complicated for baristas to make and require TONS of ingredients. And the worst part is most stores didn't get enough ingredients to fulfill the HUNDREDS of people coming in and ordering these things.

It's made life brutal for baristas far and wide so they are commiserating together about it on Reddit

"I was off at 7, we sold 400, and it just kept going.  I never thought I'd have a near breakdown while covered in pink dust."


"Any other baristas feel like putting a severed unicorn head in [CEO] Howard Schultz's bed with a note saying 'Never again'?"

The good news is there is a light at the end of the tunnel for baristas as the Unicorn Frappuccinos are only available til Sunday.

The BAD news is many stores have run out of ingredients all together. They will have to experience the wrath of customers who wanted to experience the joy and wonder that comes with sipping on a drink made from unicorn dust. (read unicorn dust as disgruntled Starbucks employees sweat) 

With all of this being said, did you get a chance to try one? If so post your photos below :)

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