Do you remember when you were a kid and your doctor kept a little index card that charted all your immunizations and your parents used to have to produce it to register you for school?

Looks like those vaccination cards are coming back to track people that get, or don’t get, the COVID-19 vaccine, according to reporting by

Jake Leon, communications director for the Department of Health and Human Services, said in the article that they "currently have a process in place for providers to be able to order vaccines and track the vaccine status of their patients."

He added: "The registry will support the current process and the efforts by DHHS and healthcare providers to notify their patients when their second dose is due."

I know some people have expressed concern that the cards will be used to track us, or they could be used as a vaccination passport where you would have to prove that you had been vaccinated to do certain activities such as attend a ball game or get into a restaurant, but I think that might be a stretch of the imagination.

One factor to consider is that there will be more than one vaccine available.  One vaccine requires two doses.  I think I want to make really sure I get the right dose of the right vaccine for a second shot if it is required.  I also know how quickly I lose stuff.

I wish there was a way I could put an app on my phone, so I don’t lose the card. Hopefully, those vaccines start rolling out soon.

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