If you are waiting on a COVID-19 vaccine, good news for Maine residents.  Hannaford will be offering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine starting today per reporting from WMTW.com.

The Hannaford’s Pharmacies in Maine will begin delivering shots in arms this week on the heels of the Food & Drug Administration’s emergency use authorization of the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

You must meet the state’s eligibility requirements and use Maine’s online scheduler to set up an appointment for the vaccine at one of the 35 participating Hannafords, the news station reported.

Wendy Boynton, director of pharmacy services at Hannaford, tells WMTW.com, “Our stores and pharmacies, located throughout Maine and staffed by experienced health care professionals, are committed to serving as community partners in vaccinating the public.  By working together to immunize the public, we can help keep Mainers from contracting the virus.”

This is fantastic news for those Maine residents over 60 who are eligible according to the state’s guidelines.

Per the news outlet, Maine will be receiving 3,500 vaccines.  That is in addition to the 11,000 doses that were sent to Maine CDC.

Going to a local pharmacy sounds like an easy way to get vaccinated and especially since the Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires a single dose. It should be just like getting the annual flu shot.

This takes away the worry of if there will be a time available dose of one of the other two shot vaccines such as Modera’s or Pfizer’s.  I can’t wait for the vaccine rollout to pick up speed so we can all get back to normal soon.

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