According to Seacoastonline, Tamara Monroe and Ryan MacDougall are indeed opening a vegan doughnut shop in Kittery! They don't want the term "vegan" to scare you off from trying these delicious confections. To make them vegan they merely use a butter substitute. These doughnuts are made with fresh ingredients such as passion fruit, guava and pistachio cream. I can't wait to try the one that is made with mango and sticky rice! It will transport me back to my honeymoon in Thailand.

I absolutely love the story of how "Lovebirds" is coming to fruition. This shop has been a dream in the making for many years. Tamara and Ryan lived in Boston and pursued careers in marketing and finance. Ryan has always loved baking and beer brewing. They both got to a point in their careers where it made sense to head back to their Southern Maine roots and they couldn't be more excited about it.

Lovebirds is aiming to open on Route 1 in Kittery in April if all goes according to plan. Follow them on Facebook to stay in the loop!

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