As another heat wave tightened it's grip on the northeast last week, a Vermont man decided to take a stroll in the nude. And this wasn't just a casual stroll through the woods. No, this was a walk right through the middle of downtown Burlington.

The Burlington Free Press says the man was wearing nothing but a hat, sneakers, and carrying a lime green tote bag. I'm just guessing here, but I'll bet he was probably carrying sunblock and sun glasses in the bag! Or at least I hope so.

The naked man refused to identify himself, according to Yahoo News. He told a reporter "It's very hot. It's freedom. I'm doing nothing except enjoying myself."

Temperatures in Burlington reached 102 with the heat index last week. When photographers attempted to photograph him, the naked man ducked down an alley way. Shortly after, The Burlington Free Press claims he reappeared "wearing pants and rejoined the clothed pedestrians."

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