We all love iconic Bernie Sanders, and I don’t think anyone doesn’t love seeing the hilarious Bernie Sanders Memes that have overrun the internet.

But just how much do you love it?

A woman in Corpus Christi, Texas, made a crochet version of the iconic Bernie Sanders just chilling with those fancy mittens at the Biden Inauguration, according to usnews.com.

The effort that Toby King made took about 7 hours of crocheting, per the report, and it was so worth it.

Inspired by the Vermont Senators' generous attitude about the whole event, she decided that the proceeds from the sale of the tiny crocheted Bernie Sanders doll would go to Meals on Wheels, according to usnews.com.

What a great way to give back to the community by capitalizing on a moment in time.

Bernie is so New England with his practical coat and warm mittens.  I bet he was the warmest person at the Inauguration.  Sure, Michelle Obama looked fantastic in her matching coat and outfit and Dr. Jill Biden looked amazing in her blue matching coat and outfit, but I bet you Bernie was warmer, and he made the biggest fashion statement of them all.

I am really inspired that Toby King could have made a lot of money off the doll, but she donated the money to charity which just restores my faith in humanity.  I am just like Bernie in that I like to be warm no matter what I look like, but I have made fun of my wife when she wears this ridiculous green waxed hat when it rains.  Her head is always dry and there is no rain on her face.

Maybe she is more practical than even I am.

Her first thought when she saw the Bernie Sanders Meme was “I bet he was warmer than anyone else, just proves how smart he is,” according to the article.

Well said.

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