Ever wonder where all those realistic video game characters come from?  Turns out they are often based on concept art and finding a real person to match.

To make such realistic characters, a lot of filming of real people is involved, and one such character is a local New Hampshire model, Sarah Maillet, according to WMUR.com.

She tells WMUR.com “I’ve always thought it would be cool to either be a superhero or a comic book character, this is really cool.”

Sarah is a published model, so she has the experience for the job.  She had a photoshoot for the video game “Black Powder Red Earth” last month playing the character named “Snow,” WMUR stated.

She says the character was described to her as a gun-toting, tattooed cool girl who is cool, the news station reported. She is perfectly cast for the part.  The project is, as we can imagine really fun, but it has a very personal meaning to Maillet.

She tells WMUR.com “I have three older brothers, and one of my brothers who I lost about a year ago to leukemia was always a big gamer, and I thought he would have thought it would be the coolest thing.  So, it’s really special to me in that sense.”

I know I will be telling my gamer son to check out the release of “Black Powder Red Earth” when it comes out.  How cool is it to have a New Hampshire native as one of the key players?  I would love to star in a video game!




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