If you or someone you know grew up in New England, then you will definitely know some of these words.

Aside from being an ice cream cup, did you know there is another definition of 'Hoodsie?'

Growing up, if you wanted a soda in my house, you asked for a 'tonic.' I actually weened myself off of using 'tonic' for soda, but I still use many of the colloquialisms that are referenced in this video made by Boston Globe writer, Billy Baker. By the way, my favorite part is the very end!

Some of the phrases I think they left out might include:
*Bulkhead (Pretty sure that's a regional word for the outside entrance to a cellar)
*Cellar = basement
*Wiffle - a short haircut. (I still use this term and actually asked a co-worker if he gets wiffles in the summer and he looked at me like I was drinking!)
Packie - Liquor store 

Gotta love Boston and New England




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