People all over the country celebrated Father's Day this weekend. It’s always nice when your kids are able to tour your factory, office, restaurant, or other place of work, but it’s a bit different when you’re on TV.

Viewers watching WMTW meteorologist Ted McInerney may have noticed something was a bit off during a recent report. But odds are, no one could tell McInerney was multitasking thanks to his calm demeanor as he welcomed a visitor just out of frame: his son Declan.

Said McInerney...

"What you couldn’t see on TV…. My son Declan didn’t want leave my side."

Commenting on the clip, most viewers said Declan should’ve had a cameo, with one going so far as to predict he is a future meteorologist himself. But when your job is to report on New England weather, balancing the unpredictable is probably second nature.

In fact, McInerney’s poise is remarkable, especially compared to other New England weathermen who’ve encountered a bit of a hiccup during a live report. Others were not as collected.

Take, for instance, WBZ anchor Zack Green who was caught on-air dancing after a break.

Or another ‘BZ forecaster, Barry Burbank, who found the concept of holding a coffee cup surprisingly daunting.

Burbank was hardly a stranger to making the blooper reel going all the way back to the '80s (along with late colleagues Don Kent and Bruce Schwoegler – and reporter and future anchor Randy Price, who calmly endured one of the most cringeworthy tech meltdowns in modern local news).

But when it comes to on-air weirdness from the weathermen of New England, it’s pretty hard to top NBC-10 (and former WHDH) meteorologist Pete Bouchard…

More recently, however, a New England reporter went viral for another live blooper in which a fan expressed their enthusiasm for the news just a bit aggressively.

But nothing tops these classic gems from WBZ-TV in Boston.

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