Schools are closed and parents are looking for some new ways to add to the kid’s activities while staying indoors. The New England Aquarium has a solution for parents and kids. According to, they have set up a program that will start at 11 am each day with content like watching behind the scenes video of how they care for the marine life to videos with educators. They will also offer activities for kids on their website.

They even have a way to do a “virtual visit” on their website. According to the New England Aquarium closed and suspended all events for a minimum of three weeks to protect staff and visitors but continue to care for the animals.

What a great effort by the Aquarium to help parents and kids stay occupied and engaged in the community while schools across the country are closed. It’s the next best thing to being there in person. It’s not just for kids. The New England Aquarium was on my list to visit but I think I will take a virtual tour until they reopen.



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