It's been a long road, but about 20 teens who have spent the last three years building a tiny house in Vermont are getting ready to raffle it off!

According to WCAX 3, the teens are planning to use the money to help spread social change:

The house is a post and beam that measures 8 x 8.  There's an 8 foot sleeping loft, and even a 4 foot porch!  According to, the teens have built this thing from scratch, including mill work, and even inlaying the hardwood floors!

WCAX 3 reports that the teens are in a group called Way Of The Bard and use performance art to raise awareness for social change.

Elena Spencer spoke with the news station and says that these issues can range from climate change to body issues.

The warm weather we've been enjoying over the last few days has helped with getting a lot of work done!

Raffle tickets are available for just $10.00 each, and the best part is that you can move the tiny house anywhere you want. is where you can buy the tickets and find out more about Way of the Bard.


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