Peacocks are fascinating creatures aren't they? I've always felt a little annoyed that the males sport gorgeous, vibrant, colored wings and are very attractive and the females are way less colorful.

Male Peacock

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Getty Images/iStockphoto

Female Peacock

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See what I'm saying? The females deserve the pretty outfits!

The male peacocks are hot and they know it. They have an impressive feather display that they bust out when they are trying to woo the ladies. It is nature's equivalent to a man strutting around a bar telling all the women how much money he makes. But the Peacock's display is less cringe-y.

For a visual representation of peacocking, please enjoy this scene from one of my all time favorite movies "17 Again" starring Zac Efron.

Man, that film is a cinematic treasure!

I didn't realize that people are allowed to own peacocks as pets. I thought they were pretty aggressive and aren't the biggest fans of humans. I remember back in 2019 there was a peacock loose in a Newton, New Hampshire, neighborhood and he was terrorizing the residents. Police finally got ahold of him and put him behind bars. NO LIE. Here is the WMUR article about it:

The New Hampshire SPCA recently posted on their Facebook that they have some gorgeous peafowl available for adoption. Take a look:

This post generated A LOT of interest. It was shared over 200 times and has 250 comments. The comments are mostly people tagging their friends who they think would be interested in adding some pretty birds to their flock!

If you or anyone you know is interested, the New Hampshire SPCA is urging folks to contact the, at Check out all of the animals currently up for adoption on the New Hampshire SPCA website.

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