(Dover, NH) - The Woodman Museum is planning another episode of it's "Lives & Legends" series, and is auditioning for the roles of some of Dover's most famous citizens. 

Don Briand photo

This years edition with be "Voices From The Museum". The historical reenactment will be held in October, with the four-building museum campus transformed into character greeting areas where tour guides will introduce visitors to the once-illustrious characters.

Courtesy Photo: Woodman Museum

Past events have brought us the history of sea-captains and other notables buried in Pine Hill Cemetery;

Courtesy Photo: Woodman Museum

the history of the Garrison Hill Tower;

Courtesy Photo: Woodman Museum

and the story of the tragic fire that destroyed the Cochecho Mill Building in 1907.

The organizers invite you to the Keefe House at the Museum this Wednesday (August 8) at 6 pm to hear more about the event and how to become a cast member.

See you at the museum!