According to the Providence Journal, baseball is set to make a comeback in Boston this year on April 1st with the Red Sox vs. the Baltimore Orioles. As exciting as this is, many people aren't will to cough up the serious moolah it will cost to get a seat even in the bleachers. Since the state of Massachusetts mandated a 12% capacity cap (that is only 4,500 fans in the entire stadium) ticket prices are astronomical. The cheapest seats are in the ball park (ha, get it?) of $500.

I'm sure you have the same question as I did. Will we be dealing with these prices all season? Because if so, it's looking like no baseball for me! The article states that the sky high prices appear to be just for opening day. Prices for game two seem to be more reasonable, but still more expensive than normal! They start at $160. Then the prices level out for the rest of the season.

If you do decide to head to Fenway this season things will obviously look a little different. You will probably have a few rows to yourself so that is going to be awesome. Your beer and Fenway Frank can each have their own seat. There will be no paper tickets, only digital. And of course masks will be required to enter the ballpark.

My prediction is that people are so desperate for an outing they will probably suck it up and spend a little extra money if it means they get to belt "Sweet Caroline" in the stands at the top of their lungs. SO GOOD! SO GOOD!

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