If I could go back in time I would absolutely become a police officer.

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do now for sure, but being a cop was always something that I wanted to do.

If you're looking to join, then check out this video to help prepare you for the test.

The exam is on March 21st.

There's a written portion and a physical test you need to take.  They look for proper form and things like that when you're doing the physical part.  So keep that in mind.

Watch the video and see what you can do.

They are very particular about where to start the sit ups, when to rest when doing them and if you don't do it properly, they'll stop the test.  Same with the push-ups.

And there's still time to register. You have until March 17.

So if you're feeling like you want to give it a shot...

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