The band AC/DC is known for it's hard rockin songs, especially 'Thunderstruck'. This foreign Country Band gives us a brilliant country version of this rock tune!

This band, Steve n Seagulls is from Finland, and they are absolutely amazing! Who knew that Country Music was in Finland? I have always been a huge AC/DC fan, and my favorite song of their's is 'Thunderstruck'.

It always gets me going, and raves me up! Now, a lot of classic rock bands have actually been inspired by country music, and have a touch of it in their songs; Elvis, Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and The Rolling Stones to name a few.

But, I have never thought of AC/DC and country music in the same league, until now. Steve n Seagulls tear this song to sheds, and make it country.

This video was done in one shot, no editing. Be amazed, and share it. Don't be surprised when you start to rock out to this. Enjoy!