Any time country star Jimmie Allen takes the stage you know it’s going to be a pretty great night. But last Thursday night at Wally’s Pub in Hampton was extra special for one couple.

John Weeman was getting ready to take his girlfriend Angela to the show, but what she didn’t know was that he had a big surprise in store.

As Jimmie started playing the opening to "Best Shot," John made his way to the stage with Angela and popped the big question.

John had called us here at WOKQ to try to plan something special, and he pulled it off.

Once Angela said yes, Jimmie took to the stage and serenaded them with their song “Best Shot”.


I asked John about how he and Angela met:

“Angela and I met through a mutual friend on Facebook. We messaged back and forth for 2 months before she agreed to meet for coffee. Not going to lie, it wasn’t love at first sight for me as I was 3 months out of a crappy relationship and she was still battling with her ex also. As weeks and months went by....we would see each other here and there but again.....both of us were cautious. I started to realize the more we hung out that we were actually similar. I worked tirelessly to show her that her heart was safe. I could go on and on how God’s Grace brought us together. Certainly wasn’t by chance.”

John said that since they've been together she’s been his stability, comforter, and personal cheerleader as he moves up in the ranks of the corporation he works for. He added that he is her anchor, who holds her down when she’s in a tornado of emotions, her teammate to help take care of her 2 young children, and her encourager who tells her "Yes you can" and "you're more than enough" when the world tells her "no you can’t" and "you’re not enough."

Check out that ring below!

john weeman ring

John said that they’ve already set a date for April 10, 2021.

Thanks John, for letting us be a small part of your big night!

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