While there have been many things about the global pandemic that have been difficult to swallow and understand, there have been small pieces of beauty that have come from it as well. One of those things is how nature has responded, giving us a chance to see things we rarely ever lay eyes on. Another one of those moments was captured on a drone video, where a pair of deer can be seen going for a sunrise swim as they pass through the Scarborough marsh.

Shared on Facebook by Sam Brilliant, the video is a must watch for multiple reasons. One, it feels like you're watching a segment from the Discovery Channel special "Planet Earth". But two, even living in Maine and being surrounded by dear year-round, it's pretty special to watch a pair of deer enjoy some peaceful moments in their life. A sunrise swim in the Scarborough marsh certainly seems like one of the more lighthearted moments in the day of the life of a deer. Later in the short video, Brilliant catches some deer frolicking through the marsh avoiding pitfalls and puddles. It almost seems like they're all alone and just having fun.

Lastly, when life feels like it's piled on a little too much to handle, this may be the perfect video to go back to, watch and remember that while it may feel incredibly chaotic around us right now, there's peacefulness as well.

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